Diary 2018

This year we plan to sail Mandarin as much as possible.
We sail every Friday evening and Saturday during the season, plus additional days by request
All Saturday sails meet at the Belfry Mylor Harbour at 09:45am for 10:00am start.
Other times as stated or contact Fran.
Please contact Fran at least 4 days in advance of the event.

phone: 01872 552015
e-mail: fran@blindatsea.co.uk

Fishing is carried out during the sailing season when boats and skippers are available
The dates will be published on this Diary page and those who are interested in participating are asked to contact Kevin at least 4 days in advance.

phone 01326 314919 or 07990536157
email: cooper.kevin@sky.com

Gig rowing
Mylor Harbour
Gig rowing will take place fortnightly on a Saturday during the winter months.
Meet 0920 at "The Belfry".
Organiser (HM) Hermione phone 01326 574720,
e-mail hermionemorrison@gmail.com
Supermarket collecting days are very important to BATS:
Please help out if you can.
Mandarin will take part at Mylor on as many Friday evenings as we can manage. If you are interested or even curious
contact Fran