Who we are

These are some of the groups of people that are involved in BATS.
Organising, running and participating in the various events.
The Committee
A dedicated and enthusiastic bunch of people who gather monthly to conduct BATS business and do all the behind the scene things that are required to keep the charity afloat.
Fran Branfield: Commodore
I was brought up in Cornwall, near St. Agnes on the North Coast. My father kept a small boat, a silhouette, at Loe Beach, but I was far more interested in horse riding! I left to go to University and returned to Cornwall in 2010. I now live in St. Agnes with Nathan, my guide dog.

I heard about BATS through an old friend who thought Iíd like it because the group is very informal, friendly and fun! So I gave it a go and was immediately hooked! I particularly love the sailing; each time we go out it is so different! Different weather, different boats, different skippers! Some of us love to learn as much as possible while others just like sitting on deck in the sun (hopefully) having a relaxed time on the water.

I became BATS Secretary in 2013 and Commodore 2 years later, in 2015

I would strongly urge others; blind, visually impaired, helpers, crew and skippers to give BATS a go!

e-mail fran@blindatsea.co.uk
Mike Crewes: Vice Commodore
Iím the Vice Commodore for my sins. Truro born and bred, I learnt to sail as a child on the river Fal. During my teens I raced sailing dinghies twice a week with Restronguet Sailing Club. My racing partner and I were responsible for sailing being added to the sports afternoon at Falmouth School, but thatís another story. Aged 19 I ran off to London, returning nearly 33 years later to semi-retire Ďback homeí. I currently work as a Deckhand/Support Worker for Sea Sanctuary in Penryn and help sail their 80í 1925 Gaff Rigged Ketch, or their newly restored Junk.

I joined BATS through an advert in the West Briton and have really enjoyed working with Visually Impaired members who have taught me a lot about disabilities! I love the sailing, often Skippering our Sadler 25, Mandarin, and gig rowing.

BATS are a great bunch of people that really want to have some fun on the water and I would urge anyone to come and have a go with us.

: Treasurer
Iím the Treasurer and you can count on me to keep the books in order.

Organising a days sailing takes longer than you think but it is all worth it when you see the smiling faces as the boats leave the pontoon.

If it is not bust don't brake it, as it's my job to keep everything working smoothly.

Let me know if you would like to help sanding, painting, oiling etc.

Jake:VI Committee member
Fishing and Sailing are my favourite sport.

Carol:VI Committee member
A Day on the water is such a tonic.

Boat Owners
Without boats BATS would sink and be unable to provide a service to its v.i. Members. These kind and generous people fill the void that would otherwise be there.

Taking visually impaired people sailing, enabling them to experience the joys and thrills of steering a boat to the wind, hoisting sails, hauling on ropes, raising anchors, making tea, chatting, and being part of the crew, so the list goes on.
Boat Owner
John : Boat Owner
Iím John and I own Oracle

I joined BATS.

BATS are a great bunch of people that really want to have some fun on the water and I would urge anyone to come and have a go with us.

BATS has a Sadler 25, Mandarin, and needs people that are experienced and competent to skipper her with a visually impaired crew.
David : Skipper

Experienced Crew
Experienced Crew help boat owners and skippers to sail the boat and look after the rest of the crew.
Experienced Crew
Susie : Experienced Crew
Iím Susie and help skippers and boat owners

Experienced Crew
Anderson : Experienced Crew
learning to be comp crew

Sighted Guide
Some of our visually impaired members have little or no vision so a friendly sighted guide can provide assistance, especially in unfamiliar places.
Other members only need assistance from time to time, such as, when the light is poor or bright, moving into different levels of illumination, reading a menu, locating equipment.
Sighted Guide
Jo : Sighted Guide
Iím learning the skills I need to help skippers,boat owners and visually impaired crew

Visually Impaired Crew
Visually impaired crew are the most important members, without you all the above would have to find something else to do on a sunny summer Saturday!! Having said that, some of the above are also visually impaired. It is possible to be in more than one group. If you live in Cornwall or are visiting you will get a warm welcome if you join us for a sail, fishing or gig rowing.
Visually Impaired Crew
Peter S : Visually Impaired Crew

Visually Impaired Crew
Mike : Visually Impaired Crew

Visually Impaired Crew
Tristan : Visually Impaired Crew

Transport can be a nightmare in Cornwall. Not many buses run to Mylor Harbour, where most of our activities start. Please let us know if you can give someone a lift.
Land Lovers
We appreciate that not everybody is a sea dog. People who prefer to keep their feet on dry land can - person the shore base, do paperwork, provide transport etc.
Land Lover
Peter : Webmaster
I have had to sell my boat so now I look after the website

If you have any comments or a good idea for its improvement let me know

You can e.mail - sailing@blindatsea.co.uk
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You can e.mail - sailing@blindatsea.co.uk