About BATS

BATS (Blind at Sea) provides sea-based activities for visually impaired people in Cornwall.

FOUNDED in 1990 by a keen group of visually impaired people, BATS was registered as a charity in 1992 (reg. no. 1011055)

BATS sailing boat Mandarin underway in Caric Roads, Cornwall

BATS is based at Mylor Harbour, Cornwall. Thanks to the generosity and support of both Mylor Yacht Harbour and Mylor Yacht Club we can store sailing equipment in ‘The Belfry’ and hold most of our social events at the club.

BATS operate a full programme of sailing events using members’ boats and BATS own Sadler 25, Mandarin of Hurst. Mandarin is kept on a mooring and, like all the yachts, is brought alongside the pontoon for ease of access.

THE SAILING PROGRAMME The Club sails on alternate Saturdays and some Wednesdays. Activities include day cruises and ‘hands on’ sailing, racing, gig-rowing, fishing, barbacues and sails to a pub.

All visually impaired people are welcome to have a go, even if they have never been on the water before! If you are a VIP visitor or local to Cornwall please contact us and we will arrange a sail for you.

BATS members rafted up in the Helford River for lunch

BATS helps organise transport for visually impaired members.

BATS activities are made possible by volunteers who skipper the boats, help-buddies who assist the VIPs and provide crew. VIP members have the opportunity, if they wish, to participate in all aspects of the Club, including crewing, helming and racing.

BATS welcomes all new members and volunteers. Experience is not necessary as training is available. This is provided through the Club’s own resources and established training schools. Volunteers with admin/fund raising skills and/or willing drivers are also very welcome.

Volunteers with their own boats are always extremely welcome!

You don't have to be well heeled to be a member of BATS

KEEPING THE CLUB AFLOAT is not cheap. Funds are raised by activities undertaken by the members and are augmented by the generosity of services, sailing clubs, businesses, and other funding organisations.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN US? Or know of anyone who is visually impaired and would enjoy fishing, sailing, or rowing and/or if you would like to make a donation to BATS,

please contact:-
E.mail - sailing@blindatsea.co.uk